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Kiritsugu Emiya
25 September 2020 @ 07:00 am

Character - Kiritsugu Emiya
Canon - Fate/Zero
Mun - albiel_rhodes
Games - mayfield_rpgthevelvetkey
Contact -  e-mail: rrocha8@hotmail.com, AIM: allbiell, albiell
Timezone - GMT -5

Mayfield CR
Velvet Key CR

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Kiritsugu Emiya
23 September 2020 @ 07:39 am
Coming soon
Kiritsugu Emiya
14 September 2020 @ 02:59 am
You have reached an automatic voice message system. Please leave your voicemail after the beep.

Kiritsugu Emiya
25 August 2020 @ 05:40 am





Waver Velvet


Cu Chulainn


Rin Tohsaka


Homura Akemi


Balin Wilbur


Riza Hawkeye


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Kiritsugu Emiya
18 August 2020 @ 05:19 am
Underlined equipment has been regained in Mayfield RPG.

Thompson/Center Arms Contender Custom

Calibre: .30-06 Springfield                         
Length: 444mm (17in)
Weight: 2kg (4.54lb)
Barrel: 355mm (14in)

Current ammunition: 29 (.30-06)
                              11 (Origin)

With a 14-inch barrel and the grip and forearm carved in walnut, it is reminiscent of a dagger in its scabbard. The only visible mechanical parts are the trigger and the hammer, with neither a cylinder nor a slide on the simple exterior, making it similar to the percussion pistols used in the last hours of the Middle Ages.

The Contender was developed in 1967 by American company Thompson/Center Arms. It is a break-open single-shot pistol meant for sport shooting. Simple yet powerful, the weapon can, with little modification, be used to shoot various ammunition ranging from .22 LR to rifle bullets. The lack of complex parts between the barrel and trigger allows for high accuracy. Kiritsugu's 14-inch model is 444mm and 1700g, with his modifications bringing the total weight to 2060g. It is customized with a rifled barrel fitted for .30-06 Springfield bullets, a special firing  pin, as well as additional magical modifications for firing "magic bullets". The .30-06 rifle bullet was chosen for its raw firepower, being 10% stronger than the .308 Winchester rifle bullet and surpassing even  'hand-cannon' Magnum bullets.

Calico M960

Calibre: 9mm Parabellum                     Magazine: 50- or 100-round detachable helical magazine
Length: 365mm (14.3in)                       Operation: Delayed blowback
Weight: 1kg (2.2lb)                              Muzzle velocity: 393 mps (1290fps)
Barrel: 152mm (6in), 6 grooves, rh      Rate of fire: 10 rounds per second

Current ammunition: 1000 rounds (9mm)

Although chambered in .22LR or 9mm Parabellum, both pistol calibres, the Calico M950 is really more of a carbine-type weapon. Shaped like a large handgun with a curious cylinder (the magazine) on top, the Calico has enough barrel shrouding to allow a two-handed grip more suited to a submachine gun or rifle than a pistol; some variants (such as Kiritsugu's M960) have a canted foregrip. The M950's long barrel allows accurate fire out to about 60 metres (197 feet), which is more normally seen with submachine guns than handguns, and the 50- or 100- round helical feed magazine offers impressive, semi-automatic only firepower.

Walther WA 2000

Calibre: .30 Winchester Magnum                        Magazine: 6-round detachable box magazine
Length: 905mm (35.63in)                                    Operation: Gas
Weight: 8.31kg (18.32lb) loaded, with sight       Muzzle Velocity: 800mps (2624fps)
Barrel: 650mm (25.59in)

With 30 years of development behind it, the PSG1 is a well-tried military rifle with an impressive pedigree. It uses H&K's stantard roller-locking delayed blowback semi-automatic feed and can take a 5- or 20- round magazine, using standard NATO 7.62mm rounds rather than march-grade ammunition at need. The WA 2000m on the other hand, was developed purely as a sniping weapon. Its bullpup design takes advntage of straight-through recoil absorption. Chambered for .300 Winchester Magnum, the WA 2000 needs constant attention to maintain its phenomenal accuracy, making it unsuitable for military use.

Explosives (Claymores/C4/Grenades)

Mercedes-Benz 300SL

Yamaha VMAX



Kiritsugu Emiya
22 July 2020 @ 07:52 am
CHARACTER NAME: Kiritsugu Emiya


Backtagging: Yes.

Threadhopping: Yes, with permission from all participants.
Fourthwalling: No. Kiri will not drop the subject.
Offensive subjects (elaborate): Can't really phase Kiritsugu. Everything's allowed.


Hugging this character: Anyone can do it, but unless you're his family, he's gonna back up.
Kissing this character: Wife  and Maiya only, guys. Anyone else is allowed, but he'll probably defend himself.
Flirting with this character: Sure. Probably won't react, though.
Fighting with this character: Yes, as long as you're willing to put up with Nasu-level quantities of narration.
Injuring this character (include limits and severity): Nothing permanent, since he's crippled enough as it is, but normal injuries are fine.
Killing this character: Yes.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Sure, although if he finds out (and he will), he'll take countermeasures.
Kiritsugu Emiya
20 July 2020 @ 03:23 am
Am I playing my character correctly? If you think there's any room for improvement, please bring it to my attention and I will change accordingly. Thank you.

Comments screened. Anon enabled.
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Kiritsugu Emiya
24 December 2011 @ 05:51 pm
[Kiritsugu never makes attempts against Mayfield during incidents. Though one would consider the distractions a benefit, they usually leave him either incapable of using his weapons or too hurt to act. Kiritsugu had opted to wait things out this time as well, regardless of whoever was replaced. He knows it will eventually end, and the regret for not taking Mayfield up on its dream-induced offer was cast away easily enough, having already done something very similar once. Offers like world salvation no longer have any effect on the Magus Killer.]

[Caster's attack changes things, however. Kiritsugu doesn't believe Mayfield will get rid of its inhabitants on its own. Therefore, killing the replacements, if they really are that, is unnecessary. But if there really are consequences to taking the bait, then the victims of a certain rogue Servant could very well be lost forever. That could be very bad for whatever backup or distractions he could use against the government.]

[Action; Filtered to Maiya, Enkidu]

Kiritsugu Emiya
11 November 2011 @ 07:52 am
[Public; streets]

[Eleven eleven. An important day for Kiritsugu Emiya. Though his features would make him appear a few years older than he actually is, today is the day he turns thirty.]

[Not that you'd know it from his activities. Kiritsugu's not the type to make anyone aware of this fact. In fact, the topic has barely crossed his mind for the past few weeks. He's been rather busy trying to get the hang of having some of his magic back. Though it seems just about as weak as it was before coming here, Kiritsugu feels confident in being able to make use of Time Alter without too much damage. Not because it has been unaffected, but because the harm inflicted on the blood vessels is directly proportional to the strength of the spell. Double Accel is no longer double at all, he's found out. Triple seems more apt for such a name now, but he's barely able to use it without dying. Perhaps carrying the strain of being a Master has something to do with it, but having at least one individual willing to assist him is worth it. In the end, Kiritsugu has simply lost full use of merely one of his tools.]

[It is, however, strong enough to set a boundary field around his house. Given his abilities, it shouldn't even be enough to dampen the abilities of any trespassers, but at the very least, Kiritsugu can be sure he won't be caught by surprise by anyone outside his family inside his own home. A valuable luxury when a place to plan in is so direly needed.]

[Having depleted a fair amount of said tools in his enmity with the Doctor, Kiritsugu has decided to acquire some materials from whatever electronic stores he may find. Of course, he doesn't plan to flat-out acquire explosives, but if he can disassemble seemingly inoffensive objects for parts...]
Kiritsugu Emiya
13 October 2011 @ 02:06 am
[Around town]

[Training a bird isn't easy. One can't simply instill the location they need to arrive at without visiting it first. To train a carrier pigeon, it's accustomed to take them to their destination and make gradually increasing trips to wherever you want them to reside. This is one of the many rules subverted by magi, as through the intrusion of a small piece of a magus into any animal, one is able to craft a familiar.]

[Kiritsugu Emiya no longer counts himself among the ranks of magi, not even to the minimal extent he once did. He must assume new methods. Having assembled a number of birds, pigeons and owls among them, as well as some rudimentary cameras, anyone passing through Kiritsugu's house will see him taking out a number of cages, the occasional chirp being heard from within.]

[No. No, I'm not kidding. Kiritsugu doesn't have Maiya around anymore. He's no longer capable of making use of her bat familiars. Though they won't be able to be manipulated enough to evade the town's government or the Doctor if they spot them, this is the next best thing.]

[He realizes he wont be terribly successful, as he's unwilling to stay in either building's line of sight for long. They're not nearly as controllable as familiars, either. However, anyone traveling between his house and the Doctor's, or the City Hall, will see him carrying two cages with blankets over them. While he will have both of them near their respective locations, he will also be setting a single camera in each whereabouts' tree. He knows about his enemies' senses. It will be a matter of time until they notice the birds. Therefore, it won't be bad to have a red herring.[

[Other residents living in the Doctor's house will have absolutely no need to worry about espionage. Trying to minimize his chances of being caught through the use of pictures, Kiritsugu has trained the birds to spy the Doctor, and only the Doctor.]

[Action; 1489 Kramden Road]

[Kiritsugu knocks on the door belonging to the house next to his. He's actually smiling, in contrast to every moment in this town that doesn't involve seeing Ilya.]